Who is aBaoaQu?

To see the most lovely landscape in the world, a traveler must climb the Tower of Victory in Chitor .  A winding staircase gives access to the circular terrace on top.  On the first step of the stairway there has lived since the beginning of time a being sensitive to the many shades of the human soul known as aBaoaQu. It sleeps until the approach of a traveler and some secret life within it begins to glow and its translucent body begins to stir.
This mythical creature is sensitive to the virtues possessed by  human souls, as a person climbs the stairs the aBaoaQu’s inner light grows more intense. Its moan is a barely audible sound, something like the rustling of silk. As each step is reached the creature’s form becomes more perfect, only reaching its fully formed self when the person reaches the top. The light that emanates from it then shines brighter as the person who has climbed the stairs has become a fully evolved and realized spirit.

According to legend, the aBaoaQu has only reached the tower’s pinnacle once.

From The Book of Imaginary Beings, Jorge Luis Borges