The Idea

aBaoaQu house is more than just an accommodation or a sleeping place. The idea is not to offer just an accommodation, one more, without character but a destination of peace and harmony, a place full of soul and personality. The focus of aBaoaQu is to create an atmosphere of emotional connection between the place and the guests. One, where the guest feels at home, at ease; where one can relax after a busy day in the city or after a day at the beach or a hike in the nearby natural parks. A place that gives you the feeling to be one with yourself. To that end, a local Sicilian artist was appointed to define the lay-out of the apartment, the interior and its decoration. Every single object has its own story, whether it’s a piece of wood, a cupboard or a table. To dye the walls only natural colours were used, found and excavated by hand on one of the Mediterranean islands. Most items used for the decoration are either second hand objects which were carefully renovated or come from far away, such as Africa, Middle East, India or Central America.
The blend of carefully chosen styles gives an ethnic touch to the apartment and since there are several art pieces and paintings exposed it’s kind of an ethno-art house.