The kitchen is fully equipped, has a large working area, a gas kitchen with oven, and a new, large refrigerator with an integrated freezer. Most commonly used utensils and instruments as well as a small stock of spices, oil, sugar, salt, coffee, etc. are available too. Several household appliances are provided (kettle, steamer, toaster, centrifuge, citrus-fruit squeezer), as well as tea towels, cups and tumblers, dinner plates, bowls, small plates, set of cutlery, teapots, several caffettiere, pots and pans, large bowls for salad, corkscrew, etc.. A fee-paying small fridge-bar with beer, wine and snacks is available. In the balcony of the kitchen there are sweet herb pots (rosemary, basil, sage, chilli, bay, marjoram and citronella) at the disposal of the guests. Please, feel free and happy to let them benefit of your green finger during your stay!